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Regency bias and affordability

Recency bias & affordability

Here’s a quote by Larry McDonald of BearTraps that sums up the markets state of mind at this moment: “Recency […]

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smoke & mirrors

Today, I’ll address a couple of things such as the bond market, and some economic notes before we get into […]

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Facts N’ Figures

Today, lets take a look at some statistics surrounding historic moves from high inflation to lower (not low) inflation and […]

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Another random musings blog today. BTW–coming soon, an Ask Us Anything blog. Don’t post questions yet. I will post a […]

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Hold the line

We’re tempted to say fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night

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Should We Be Buying Bank Stocks?

Given the less favorable fundamentals, Canadian banks have shown weaker momentum than the US banking sector. I’d expect that will continue. In a nutshell – while we may see some reflections between the two sides, the risk of  underperformance on the Canadian banking side is very real.

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