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So what’s the rest of the world up to?

  With all of the talk about Trump’s positive US economic plans, we might lose track of the fact that […]

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Exciting news!

Somebody asked me for my opinion on bitcoin recently. I’ll cover this new-world currency briefly below. Before getting to that, […]

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Spend Liberally

The guy who claimed that you could spend your way to prosperity  and “the budget will balance itself” may have […]

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Technical notes on the USD and Loonie

The USD looks like it’s going to be stuck in the trading range that I predicted on this blog several […]

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A poetic exit from gold

I sold my gold, and I no longer hold – I’m not that bold – I didn’t need to be […]

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Currency Conundrum

Canadian investors holding US stocks have felt the pain of a rising loonie since the beginning of this year. Both rising […]

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An update on the loonie

I cover the Canadian Dollar (loonie) and USD once in a while—it’s probably time I revisited the subject. When we […]

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The Euro may be ready to move

The Euro spent much of 2015 basing after its substantial decline in 2014. I recently overlaid the Euro/USD spot price […]

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Has the loonie bottomed?

The chart below shows a 10-year picture of the CDN$ vs. the USD. As you will note, the loonie recently […]

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Loonie about to land

The Canadian loonie has been waging a 2-way war since 2011. First, it has faced challenges of swimming against the […]

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