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Short termed reprieve may be coming for the loonie, but it likely won’t last

The Canadian dollar continues to decline against the USD. I’ve noted many times before that I am bearish on the […]

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Loonie’s northern journey ends soon

Loons fly north from their southern retreats as spring approaches. So too do Canadian retiree’s known as “snowbirds”. The Canadian […]

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What to hold when stocks fall

A bear market can be identified by the break in some technical parameters, as I have discussed in my book […]

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They must be loonie!

The chart below, which I have posted on this blog before, shows you a trading zone that the loonie gets […]

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How to lose your money as quickly as possible

As some of you may know, I’m kind of an old dog in this industry. Despite my “young” 56 years […]

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Investing in Europe—not as straight forward as you’d think

Before we get started, here is my BNN show from Monday.   Should investors buy into the high flying European […]

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Loonie flies south again

Canadian loon’s wisely leave my cottage every year around this time of the year to fly south. If I could […]

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Bitcoin is more than a “Bit” overbought

Bitcoin may indeed be the next currency. It may replace all forms of money or credit that we are familiar […]

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Where will gold go from here?

  Above is a chart of gold that I’ve kept on my screens for a while. The triangle breakout that […]

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How much upside is left for the loonie?

Here is a chart of the loonie that I’ve been tracking for some time. You will notice the big trend […]

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