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A few things to look at today…

Look for a summer pause on commodities, based on an overbought status as we come into a seasonally softer period. […]

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Opportunities in the US credit downgrade

Let’s take a look at how the US Fitch credit downgrade might be traded.

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Canadian Dollar Outlook and Why It Should Matter to You

When buying stocks in USD, we are subject to either positive or negative influences by CDN/USD movements.

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Alternative investment strategies for the current market environment

Today’s video covers ideas on where the next investment opportunities are arising.
The market is not the easy buy/hold game it used to be.

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Canadian investors and the USD

Given that the CC$ needs a strong oil price, I’d think we need to see that happen before the loonie can offset any USD strength.

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Bitcoin & inflation

Some of you may have read my blog on inflation protection last week. Click here if you missed it. Tied […]

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Keeping an eye on the loonie and crude oil

Its been a while since I’ve taken a technical look at the Canadian dollar. In order to evaluate the loonie, […]

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Does anyone still follow Bitcoin?

While I’m in Florida preparing for the MoneyShow on Friday and my bike race on Saturday, ValueTrend’s Technical Analyst Associate […]

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Loonie tug of war

While waiting for my time to get onto the set for Bloomberg/BNN’s Market Call on Friday (link is here), I […]

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Gold vs. USD: Who will blink first?

  Todays chart compares gold and the USD. The black line is gold, and the USD is red. Upon a […]

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