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Is the gold rush over?

I’ve been getting a few questions on gold and gold producers lately. Its run pretty hard to the upside, but […]

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USD outlook, and some potential hedges

  After peaking during the COVID panic in March, the USD has declined more than 10% from that high level […]

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Charts to watch

Here are some charts I am following for various reasons. I’ll look at the loonie, WTI oil, Canadian oil, the […]

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Is oil an opportunity?

Last week, I blogged (and ranted a bit) about the new fad of ESG investing. There is a growing trend […]

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Everything’s up – but is that good?

The past month or so has been unusual.  Both “risk-on” and “risk off” assets have rallied. Risk-on refers to the […]

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Dumb is as dumb does

The past few days have been illustrative of how “Dumb money” operates. For those unfamiliar with the term, Dumb Money […]

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Loonie tug of war

While waiting for my time to get onto the set for Bloomberg/BNN’s Market Call on Friday (link is here), I […]

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Catching the next breakout

There’s something exciting about an early stage breakout. It feels good to have caught the train early. You get the […]

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Will Canadian energy break out?

I was on Bloomberg/BNN’s Market call last Friday at noon. One discussion that came up was the outlook for Canadian […]

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Making a case for gold stocks

Last week, I posted a blog that presented some thoughts on where I might start buying gold and or silver […]

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