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A compelling case for buying oil

While markets continue to display overbought signals, there is still value out there. Today, I’d like to take a look […]

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TSX looks bullish in spite of itself

I believe that the TSX 300 has better upside than the US markets over the coming 1-2 years. This may […]

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Gold oversold: Time to be bold, or should it be sold?

  The gold bullion chart (above) shows us a number of positive technical factors that might influence us to begin […]

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What does a commodity bull market look like?

Before we get started, be sure to check out my inaugural “Smart Money, Dumb Money” video – here. This will […]

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Nat. gas holds opportunities for traders

Natural gas is one of the most “whippy” assets I can think of when it comes to trading patterns. But, […]

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Energy stocks may double

I still see a solid year for the global markets in 2021, but a lot of love is now priced-in. […]

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Is energy the next big contrarian trade?

Oil is setting up to be a potentially powerful contrarian trade. Keep in mind that all contrarian trades are risky. […]

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Gold may be nearing a buy point again

As a contrarian, I rely at least to some extent on sentiment data. As the Templeton once said: “To buy […]

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Lumber overbought

I don’t normally blog about commodities. But lumber is one of those commodities that people may be more aware of […]

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Is the gold rush over?

I’ve been getting a few questions on gold and gold producers lately. Its run pretty hard to the upside, but […]

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