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Alternative investment strategies for the current market environment

Today’s video covers ideas on where the next investment opportunities are arising.
The market is not the easy buy/hold game it used to be.

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Near termed & mid termed view, and a case for small caps

I think that the market has a decent chance of a short termed rally. Thereafter, the market looks like it might continue its downward trajectory for a while.

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Why oil may rise in the new year

Is it time to get back into oil?

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Opportunity in fertilizers (Part 2 of “You can’t fix stupid”)

“The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.” —John Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian-American economist, diplomat, public […]

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Lets look at 4 energy charts to settle this debate

Today, I am going to post some charts for WTIC oil, Natural gas, gasoline, and finally, energy producers. These charts […]

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Massive Opportunity may be coming

Today’s blog is detailed, but trust me, this is one of those blogs that you will want to read fully. […]

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Cash isn’t the only game in town in this bear market

Last week, I noted that we may see another quick n’ dirty relief rally on the SPX. Near termed technical […]

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Today’s topic is pretty straight forward. I am going to take a look at a potential opportunity for a trade […]

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specific strategies

Since January, I have been hammering into you my outlook for: A possible bear market outlook (January) Then a probable […]

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Boiling frogs

It has been said that a fool and his/her money are soon parted. Perhaps, a better twist on that saying […]

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