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Positive momentum divergences signal potential for gold

Gold is a well known hedge against a declining USD. It can also be a non-correlated asset to the market.  […]

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supply problems, low omicron danger = inflation & oil to rise

Recent Covid Data BearTraps research reports that hospital pressure has yet to pick up substantially in either London or Denmark […]

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Oil has run hard – time for a pause?

Everyone is talking about oil now. Its over $80/ barrel! Way back in the fall of 2020, when I was […]

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Gold: buy, sell or hold?

Gold has been illustrating positive technicals of late. In the near-term, the metal is overbought as illustrated by a few […]

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Three fast moving commodity trades that may pause

If you have NOT been reading this blog for long – perhaps you didn’t “get the memo” back in the […]

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Will this value play be an outperformer?

I’m always looking for the next value play in the current market environment. I believe that one of the attractive […]

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Watch out for false rallies in growth stocks

The recent selloff by some of the sexy growth names like TSLA, AAPL, the solar stocks (eg-TAN ETF) triggered a […]

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Can you predict the next Redditt stock rally?

Last week we held our first “Ask me Anything” Webinar. It was quite a success, and I thank those who […]

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A compelling case for buying oil

While markets continue to display overbought signals, there is still value out there. Today, I’d like to take a look […]

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TSX looks bullish in spite of itself

I believe that the TSX 300 has better upside than the US markets over the coming 1-2 years. This may […]

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