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Is now the time to buy oil?

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Stagflation strategy

there is an opportunity in this mess for investors

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Opportunities in the US credit downgrade

Let’s take a look at how the US Fitch credit downgrade might be traded.

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Gold looking bullish

A compelling argument for you to consider legging into gold

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7 reasons to keep an eye on oil

The world needs oil, now and in the future!

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Oil service sector looking attractive

There’s an argument to be made for looking at the Oil Services Sector.

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Will commodities outperform stocks in the coming years?

I just recorded a video that I encourage all of you to watch. The video presents evidence suggesting a probable […]

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Clean energy vs. Fossil Fuels cage-match

There are two ways to trade energy. The clean energy movement, and the current and ongoing need for fossil fuels. Which is best?

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Alternative investment strategies for the current market environment

Today’s video covers ideas on where the next investment opportunities are arising.
The market is not the easy buy/hold game it used to be.

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Near termed & mid termed view, and a case for small caps

I think that the market has a decent chance of a short termed rally. Thereafter, the market looks like it might continue its downward trajectory for a while.

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