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Read this before you buy energy stocks

Is now the time to buy energy stocks?

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A portfolio bomb shelter

I think it makes sense from both a technical perspective and an increasing potential for heightened war activities to leg in at least some of our capital into oil and gold.

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opportunity in energy

WTIC crude oil, which many of you know we at ValueTrend sold a substantial weighting early in 2023 at a profit, may be back in the opportunity camp

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Time for metals to shine!

Metals have been overlooked for a while, but perhaps now is their time to shine.

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What happens if it hits the fan?

You guys may recall my interview with market historian David Chapman. David Chapman interview: A lesson in history applied to […]

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Gold update

Gold has proven to be a reliable USD currency hedge

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Revenge of the nerds

Sure, a rally from here makes sense (three-day rallies often follow short-seller victory cheers, aka covering), but the technical damage is real and probably long-lasting. Note the lower low in August – below. The SPX still looks bearish from an intermediate perspective, and 4200, or even 3800 on the SPX look feasible.

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Is now the time to buy oil?

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Stagflation strategy

there is an opportunity in this mess for investors

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Opportunities in the US credit downgrade

Let’s take a look at how the US Fitch credit downgrade might be traded.

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