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Opportunity in REIT’s approaching – but not a sector for the timid

REIT’s can be a choppy sector to own. Since 2003, the sector has been hit hard on a few occasions. […]

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The Force is not strong with these investments

  In honor of the upcoming Star Wars movie to be released in 2016 (ValueTrend is a happy long termed […]

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Canadian banks: Welcome to the danger zone.

  Somebody asked me to cover the CDN banks  on this blog—so here’s my take on that sector. I’ll refer […]

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TSX: Make it or break it

The TSX is in the process of testing its October lows. Yesterdays positive move (and, so far, today’s) caused a […]

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Targets for the USD and loonie

  A number of investors have asked me if the US dollar has moved up too far, and if the […]

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Where will the loonie land?

  Loons are a species of bird that are an iconic part of the northern Ontario—and much of Canada’s northern […]

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Loonie for the loonie

  Here’s a chart of the loonie vs. the USD that I have posted on this blog site many times […]

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Canadian, eh?

  A reader asked me to post my thoughts on the TSX recently. You’ll notice that I typically spend more […]

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Canadian banks looking tired

  The BMO Canadian bank ETF is showing a technical lid at around $21.50. This is the banks third attempt […]

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Guess which market was January’s positive performer?

  It was no shock that the major markets took a hit in January, although as mentioned in my early January […]

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