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Linear regression may show us the next bargain

Before we get started on today’s topic, some of you may be interested in how I plan on trading within […]

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Canadian Dividend stocks may be a 2016 contrarian idea

Higher dividend paying stocks were the worst performers – when compared to low or no dividend paying stocks in 2015 […]

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Keith’s rant: some animals are more equal than others

Every year around late December, I like to write a little off-topic, then draw similarities to the topic of investing. […]

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Valeant an interesting spec stock

  Rather than cover the outlook for the broader market – which you can see here on Friday’s BNN appearance — I’d […]

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I have noted my long position in BCE—purchased at around $56 after the breakout through that multi-month ceiling in October. […]

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REIT’s – a trade worth considering?

I’ve had two separate requests for an analysis of the REIT sector in Canada. So I thought I’d cover it […]

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Stock markets and Playboy Bunnies

Year to date, the stock market has produced flat returns on the S&P500, and a -9% return on the TSX300. […]

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Valeant: time to buy?

A controversial stock like Valeant can be a contrarian play for investors. On the subject of contrarian thinking I thought I […]

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Will Canadian tech stocks follow US tech strength?

Compare the charts below of the SPDR US technology sector ETF (XLK) vs. the iShares CDN technology sector (XIT). Clearly, […]

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Small caps may be in for big returns

From a BNN morning commentary: Some research by Raymond James Chief Investment Strategist, Jeffrey D. Saut, suggests that the narrow […]

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