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Seasonal patterns for the summer

Allow me to quote John Murphy’s recent message from his blog on”   “Most corrections occur during the late […]

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Canadian Banks may be setting up

Thackray’s Guide tells us that October is the time to buy the Canadian banks. While the seasonal “sweet spot” for […]

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Don’t get too excited about the strength in the loonie

Let’s start out this blog with my concluding statement. That is, the recent rise in the loonie will likely not […]

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It sucks to be right

Before we get going, here is the writeup and video for my BNN show last night. At the end of […]

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Don’t bank on the banks

A reader asked me to cover the Canadian banks – a great idea considering their changing technical profile of late. […]

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Bombardier Stock: Buy or Sell?

You have invested in Bombardier. If you are over 51 years of age, you have been investing regularly in Bombardier […]

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A tale of two cities

Utilities on the US market are trading with substantially different patterns than their Canadian counterparts. Let’s take a look at […]

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CRAP stocks for sweet returns!

Let’s face it –  stock market investing and economics can be a bit dry. For this reason, market pundits love […]

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Residential real estate prices may be in a bubble

Hilliard MacBeth, director of wealth management at Richardson GMP recently suggested that he sees Canada’s residential real estate boom as […]

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Spend Liberally

The guy who claimed that you could spend your way to prosperity  and “the budget will balance itself” may have […]

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