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There’s a warning bell coming out of the USA that echo’s a potential similar problem facing Canadians. Canadians are the […]

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Quick n’ dirty market update

Today I do a review of the technical profiles of the S&P 500 (SPX), the NASDAQ, and  S&P TSX 300 (TSX) to determine if they look bullish or bearish

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Its still Canada’s turn!

It continues to be looking like its Canada’s turn! At least for investors in the Canadian stock market

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Inflation will take care of itself?

At ValueTrend, we utilize three distinct quantitative analysis tools to make better informed decisions. We employ traditional trend analysis (chart […]

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The case for Canada

To start this blog, I’d like to quote Jeff Currie of Goldman Sachs. If you don’t know who he is, […]

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Pipelines and utilities outlook

To start, I’d like to thank readers who post questions regarding sectors (NOT individual stocks!!) that might be of interest […]

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Residential real estate

In Canada, the mortgage to income ratio is above 450% – which is higher than the 3-4 times average. Many […]

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Divergences may be signalling another pullback

Long time reader Dave H. noted in a comment recently that the 5% pullback in Sept/early October was pretty tame. […]

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Will the election affect the TSX?

Can an election affect stock market returns? I thought I would cover the outlook for the TSX today, given the […]

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Should you gamble on gambling stocks?

One area to explore within the “great re-opening trade” is through the casino gambling space. While these stocks have received […]

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