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Canadian bank review

Thought its time to review the CDN banks again. Typically, I grab one of the best Canadian Bank ETF’s and […]

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Contrast & compare

Today is contrast n’ compare day!  We’ll contrast & compare Canadian. vs. US Treasury bond markets.  Then we’ll contrast & […]

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Where will the markets go from here?

Probably not a bad thing to own the best Canadian index ETF’s at this time.

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Exciting value opportunities – an interview with Peter Hodson of 5i Research

A must see interview! Just before the holidays I was fortunate enough to interview Peter Hodson of 5i Research. Peter […]

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A couple of sideways indices

The TSX is a sideways trading candidate

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opportunity in energy

WTIC crude oil, which many of you know we at ValueTrend sold a substantial weighting early in 2023 at a profit, may be back in the opportunity camp

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TSX mirrors the economy

I guess saying “told you so” about my predictions surrounding Canada’s current economic conundrum sounds a little “braggy”. Still, I […]

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There’s a warning bell coming out of the USA that echo’s a potential similar problem facing Canadians. Canadians are the […]

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Quick n’ dirty market update

Today I do a review of the technical profiles of the S&P 500 (SPX), the NASDAQ, and  S&P TSX 300 (TSX) to determine if they look bullish or bearish

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Its still Canada’s turn!

It continues to be looking like its Canada’s turn! At least for investors in the Canadian stock market

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