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Emerging markets have stopped submerging

Back on May 22nd, I noted on this blog that if the iShares Emerging Markets ETF (EEM-US) cracked $35.50, it would […]

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Guilty until proven innocent

The S&P 500, despite the excitement over the post-Brexit monetary easing (BOE stimulus plus corporate tax benefits, along with US […]

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Bonds are overbought

I use a rule of thumb to tell me if a security is overbought and due for a pullback. This […]

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Rotation to low beta typical over the summer

Seasonal investment experts like Don Vialoux, Brook Thackray and Yale/Jeffery Hirsch note that defensive sectors like bonds, utilities and staples […]

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Another way to play energy

I’ve noted recently that the outlook for oil is bullish, despite the potential for a neartermed overbought pullback. The chart […]

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Daily chart patterns show possible rotation from stocks to bonds

Daily bars do not show us much in the way of an established trend. However, they can offer clues of […]

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Junk bonds making a comeback

High yield bonds, as illustrated by JNK, have demonstrated a few positive developments recently. To short list the chart observations: […]

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Here’s one leading indicator that isnt so rosy

I wanted to use this blog entry as an opportunity to introduce some interesting technical work by a fellow who […]

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Are sovereign bonds about to rally?

Global bond yields are remaining low after staying low during 2014. Currently, U.S. 10-year Treasury bonds yield only a little over 2%, […]

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The best way to play junk bonds

High yield bonds, affectionately called “Junk bonds” by the industry, have been defying the recent pullback on investment grade paper […]

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