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Crowded trades

  “Markets are well-known for herding and that’s the story at the moment. Two big crowded trades are clearly government […]

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Got junk?

My friend Brooke Thackray writes a newsletter that ties his macro technical views into seasonal plays. Brooke, for those who […]

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Rotation of the guard?

Given the correction we seem to be getting – which was indicated as likely on my blog last week  – […]

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James Bond. Licence to kill?

Who’s your favorite James bond actor? For me, it’s a close three way tie between Sean Connery (of course!), Pierce […]

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What to hold when stocks fall

A bear market can be identified by the break in some technical parameters, as I have discussed in my book […]

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US bonds rolling over, Canadian bonds questionable

After a summer of relatively good performance, the US long bond looks to be breaking down. We sold our 5% […]

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Don’t ignore the long bond uptrend

The US long bond, as illustrated by the $USB 30 year bond price chart below is still trading within the […]

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Short termed trading opportunities

I don’t do a lot of short term trading. But on occasion, I like to look at the odd opportunity […]

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Bonds may be setting up for a good summer trade

Seasonal studies suggest bonds are strongest over the summer months. The Long US treasury  ETF (TLT) looks interesting at this […]

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US Bonds may be a contrarian play

Contrarian investing is the easiest investment strategy in hindsight, but the hardest one to actually profit by in foresight. After […]

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