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I’m often asked about my outlook for bonds. So, I thought I would cover that subject today. We’ll look at […]

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ask me anything: part 3

Here we go with the third installment of the AMA answers. Today, I will present answers to a number of […]

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An actionable idea for inflation protection

I’ve been harping on inflation since September of 2020 – when I began pounding the table on getting OUT of […]

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Bond investors beware!

As the seasonally favorable period comes to an end in bonds, bond investors should be aware of the technical profile […]

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Why you should watch the bond market if you own higher dividend stocks

I did a late night webinar for the Whiterock Shareholders club in BC last night. One question that came up […]

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Long bonds vs. dividend stocks for income investors

This summer, bonds were the way to go. The TLT, for example, rode a wave up as the Fed eased, […]

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Sentiment speaks: looking for buy/sell clues

Anyone who follows sentiment studies will know that crowd sentiment is considered a contrarian indicator. When “everyone” loves a market […]

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Crowded trades

  “Markets are well-known for herding and that’s the story at the moment. Two big crowded trades are clearly government […]

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Got junk?

My friend Brooke Thackray writes a newsletter that ties his macro technical views into seasonal plays. Brooke, for those who […]

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Rotation of the guard?

Given the correction we seem to be getting – which was indicated as likely on my blog last week  – […]

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