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Long bond setup

Its been all about the Mag-7’s. You know that. Today, lets look at the SPX vs equal weight, offering yet […]

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A few things to look at today…

Look for a summer pause on commodities, based on an overbought status as we come into a seasonally softer period. […]

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Bullish Bonds, Bullish Banks, Beware the SPX

Three topics to discuss today. Canadian vs. US bonds, a warning on the S&P 500 chart, and a look at […]

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Contrast & compare

Today is contrast n’ compare day!  We’ll contrast & compare Canadian. vs. US Treasury bond markets.  Then we’ll contrast & […]

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Significant opportunity in the bond market approaching?

Opportunity in Fixed Income – how to position yourself for the period ahead

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US long bond is poised for action

Are long bonds an attractive investment opportunity now that monetary tightening may be ending?

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New Opportunities!

Today’s blog identifies two potentially attractive investment opportunities that you might want to consider for your own portfolio.

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I’m often asked about my outlook for bonds. So, I thought I would cover that subject today. We’ll look at […]

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ask me anything: part 3

Here we go with the third installment of the AMA answers. Today, I will present answers to a number of […]

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An actionable idea for inflation protection

I’ve been harping on inflation since September of 2020 – when I began pounding the table on getting OUT of […]

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