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Catching the next breakout

There’s something exciting about an early stage breakout. It feels good to have caught the train early. You get the […]

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Why you should watch the bond market if you own higher dividend stocks

I did a late night webinar for the Whiterock Shareholders club in BC last night. One question that came up […]

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Small stocks might be ready for big gains

Recently, the ValueTrend Equity Platform took a position in a small capped ETF. We only took a bit of the […]

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The troubled TSX

The trouble with the TSX index is that it is a concentrated index. In truth, that’s because the Canadian market […]

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Small capped stocks are consolidating

In about a month, small capped stocks are supposed to move into their seasonally better time of the year. This, […]

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Hype never works

Today, let’s look at the hyped up sectors that people bought into a year or two ago—seeing nothing but upside, […]

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Two sectors that may break out

I love sideways stock patterns. In fact, I named my second book covering Technical Analysis after that pattern. There are […]

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Is junk food healthy for your portfolio?

A study from The Physiological Society, shows that junk food can lead to many health problems including kidney damage on […]

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Ask me anything

Gold is a simple trade

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Time to revisit the FANG’s

Brooke Thackray (Alpha Mountain) told me a funny, yet not so funny, story about an encounter he had with a […]

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