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Banks vs insurance stocks: Which should you own?

On Monday, I posted a sector performance evaluation offering current rotational trends into, and out of the major sectors of […]

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Sector rotation: what’s up?

When people greet each other, sometimes we say “What’s up?” as a conversation starter.  The off the wall movie, Night […]

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Technology stocks: The next great opportunity?

Back in late December, I warned readers of this blog that the NASDAQ was painting a “worrisome picture”. Here is […]

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My top trading idea for the coming months

Regulars of this blog – along with clients of ValueTrend – recognize that we were amongst the very early adaptors […]

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Pipelines and utilities outlook

To start, I’d like to thank readers who post questions regarding sectors (NOT individual stocks!!) that might be of interest […]

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Metals: time to buy?

Copper recently moved to the top of its range, and then settled back. Its currently sitting at a support level […]

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Dow Theory divergence: a warning, or an opportunity?

In a few days, I will post my monthly reading of the Bear-o-meter. That indicator is my relative risk/reward reading […]

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Canadian banks are overbought

Many Canadian investors own bank stocks, or bank ETF’s. That’s because the sector presents a reasonably safe haven for dividend-seekers, […]

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Pot-luck stock party

Its time to look at the marijuana sector for potential trading  opportunities again. So grab some chips to stave off […]

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The opportunity of the Dow’s underperformance

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU), which consists of 30 stocks, has been underperforming the S&P 500 of late. The […]

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