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Are some MAG Seven cowboys falling off their horses?

With only 2 of the MAG-7 stocks looking truly magnificent, and the other 5 either neutral or weakening, this adds evidence to my hypothesis of a correction in the SPX & NAZ shortly.

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Are the Mag-7 stocks overpriced?

There’s probably growth left in SPX, driven by the MAG-7 group. This, assuming the crowd continues to ignore valuations as they did in the late 1960’s /early 1970’s. But nothing goes up forever.

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Read this before you buy energy stocks

Is now the time to buy energy stocks?

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Risk-off is never good for markets

I have made a point in many blogs of suggesting we specifically stay away from technology and the “Magnificent Seven” AI stocks.

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Spread your wings

I don’t know about you, but when I drive, I tend to spend most of the time looking out my […]

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Lots of trading ideas

Today, we are going to take a high-level view of sectors to watch for upside moves. As far as looking […]

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Revenge of the nerds

Sure, a rally from here makes sense (three-day rallies often follow short-seller victory cheers, aka covering), but the technical damage is real and probably long-lasting. Note the lower low in August – below. The SPX still looks bearish from an intermediate perspective, and 4200, or even 3800 on the SPX look feasible.

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4 sectors to avoid in your portfolio

4 sectors to avoid in your portfolio!

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Trading observations on the SPX, energy, and China.

Today we will consider how the broad US market, the Canadian oil producers sector, and the Chinese markets might play out over the next month or two.

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Tech still not a bargain

Should we be buying technology stocks now that they have retreated in price?

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