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Time to rotate into value stocks?

I’ve noted in past blogs that market breadth remains poor (concentration of buying in just a few stocks). This market […]

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Down & out vs. Down & opportunity

A few sectors, namely retail food industry and companies having anything to do with remote work access have done well […]

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Stocks that might benefit from a stay-at-home policy

It’s interesting to see how China, the instigator of this virus (apparently Taiwan as well) has managed to control the […]

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Must everyone get stoned?

Bob Dylan sang a tongue-in-cheek song called “Everyone must get stoned”. Despite the songs name, it was actually not about […]

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Real Estate is weakening

Canadian real estate appears to be on the verge of rolling over. I couldn’t get a TSX Real Estate Composite […]

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Sideways stocks worthy of consideration

I like stocks that are trading sideways. In fact, I like them so much that I named my Technical Analysis […]

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Catching the next breakout

There’s something exciting about an early stage breakout. It feels good to have caught the train early. You get the […]

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Why you should watch the bond market if you own higher dividend stocks

I did a late night webinar for the Whiterock Shareholders club in BC last night. One question that came up […]

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Small stocks might be ready for big gains

Recently, the ValueTrend Equity Platform took a position in a small capped ETF. We only took a bit of the […]

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The troubled TSX

The trouble with the TSX index is that it is a concentrated index. In truth, that’s because the Canadian market […]

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