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MSFT Price 1990-2015

Tech Stocks – What Happens When the Music Stops?

As NVDA and the select few strong tech stocks continue to knock it outta the park, one cannot help but […]

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Yet Another Warning Sign for the Nasdaq 100

As the Nasdaq 100 rises to record highs, we see fewer of its stocks are in uptrends, and more are […]

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Canada flag in front of a business building | Canadian Businesses

Canadian Businesses

Today, I am presenting some thoughts on something that has been pressing on my mind for a while. It may […]

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SPX breakout, recession, and energy

Today we’ll talk about the S&P 500 breakout. We’ll also discuss signs of recession, and how to invest in an […]

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Ask us anything Answers: Part 2

Here we go with the answers for the final questions posted on the Ask Us Anything blog. Again, we’ve grouped […]

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Bullish Bonds, Bullish Banks, Beware the SPX

Three topics to discuss today. Canadian vs. US bonds, a warning on the S&P 500 chart, and a look at […]

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Canadian bank review

Thought its time to review the CDN banks again. Typically, I grab one of the best Canadian Bank ETF’s and […]

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Sector rotation model points to materials

One of the many investment tools I present in my Online Trading Course is a sector rotation model. Like everything […]

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Are some MAG Seven cowboys falling off their horses?

With only 2 of the MAG-7 stocks looking truly magnificent, and the other 5 either neutral or weakening, this adds evidence to my hypothesis of a correction in the SPX & NAZ shortly.

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Are the Mag-7 stocks overpriced?

There’s probably growth left in SPX, driven by the MAG-7 group. This, assuming the crowd continues to ignore valuations as they did in the late 1960’s /early 1970’s. But nothing goes up forever.

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