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Trading observations on the SPX, energy, and China.

Today we will consider how the broad US market, the Canadian oil producers sector, and the Chinese markets might play out over the next month or two.

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Tech still not a bargain

Should we be buying technology stocks now that they have retreated in price?

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Should you own legacy media stocks?

Today, I am going to look at the charts of the “legacy”(aka: the old guard) media companies with publicly traded […]

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Growth vs value, which wins in 2nd half 2023?

I’m presenting two perspectives on growth vs value stocks today. One “pro” growth stance, one “avoid” stance.

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Is the AI technology stock run over, or has it just begun?

Now that the AI stocks have had a big run, some investors might be wondering if they are likely to stage a healthy (or not so healthy) correction.

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Too big to fail vs too small to care

Lets take a look at the two sides of the US banking system to see if opportunities exist.

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Luxury stocks can outperform during recession

We should identify exclusive providers of these products and services that focus almost entirely on the pointy-end of the wealth curve.

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US vs. Canadian Banks cage-match.

It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings for the US or Canadian banking sectors.

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Recession resistant stocks

Now is the time to focus on stocks and sectors that are recession resistant.

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2 dividend paying value plays

These sectors are worthy of watching for a position if the breakouts continue in the right direction

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