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Recession resistant stocks

Now is the time to focus on stocks and sectors that are recession resistant.

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2 dividend paying value plays

These sectors are worthy of watching for a position if the breakouts continue in the right direction

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Canadian real estate & related securities may have more downside

Real estate influenced sectors in Canada are likely to underperform those in the USA

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New Opportunities!

Today’s blog identifies two potentially attractive investment opportunities that you might want to consider for your own portfolio.

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Watch these 3 signals to spot the market turnaround

Clearly, we’re still in a larger Risk-off environment. But, now you have some tools to spot a return to risk by investors – which is necessary for a sustainable bull market.

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Investing for income

While we were recording our “Ask Us Anything; Answers” video last week, I couldn’t help but notice that several of […]

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Revisiting the energy trade as the Jackson Hole meeting concludes

Periodically, I get questions asking if “now” is the time to go back into the oil trade. Today, I will […]

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Stocks to keep on your watchlist

I’ve noted of late that the market has moved from a technology and growth focused selloff (aka NASDAQ & the […]

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Comparing past bears helps future gains

Today, we will take a look at the 3 most recent bear markets – including the current bear. I’ll start […]

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Banks vs insurance stocks: Which should you own?

On Monday, I posted a sector performance evaluation offering current rotational trends into, and out of the major sectors of […]

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