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These case studies are posted solely for informational purposes. In no way should the content be construed to be perceived as investment advice, nor should you rely solely on the content for your investment strategy. The content of the following case studies provided here, including all details and statements made, are current as of the date the case studies were done.

Investment Management Case Study #1

Retired Couple Compare; Choose ValueTrend

Switching firms was not an easy decision for Bob and his wife, a retired couple who had known Keith for over 12 years, but had never dealt directly with him.

When Keith launched ValueTrend he invited them to join his new practice. As a former business owner and entrepreneur, Bob tended to be cautious when making major decisions. Bob decided to compare Value Trend with his old firm before agreeing to make the move.

Bob’s conclusion: big brokerage firms do not offer the level of discipline, structure and analysis that he and his wife are now receiving through the ValueTrend investment management approach.

Investment Management Case Study #2

ValueTrend cuts costs, keeps money for savvy senior exec

Jack & Julie are young professionals with teenage kids at home. Jack is a senior executive with a Fortune 500 firm, and a knowledgeable, very conservative investor. Yet, by assigning their assets to a large firm that sold managed investment products, they found themselves drowning in a sea of mutual funds making little or no money.

Julie’s parents, who began dealing with Keith in 1990, sent them to see him. They learned how the high cost of investment products, along with volatile markets, could never provide what they needed to secure their family’s future. They, too, joined ValueTrend.

Jack and Julie have been happily out of mutual funds and into Keith’s active asset management for the last ten years. Jack enthusiastically referred his own parents, his children, and many friends willing to lower their risk and keep their money.

Investment Management Case Study #3

Bill & Dianne—farmers harvest investment income

Is there income after farming? When Bill & Dianne retired and sold their farm about six years ago, they needed to earn income by investing. The sale caught the attention of the wealth management division of their bank. Now, a bank may be good for things like credit, but Bill & Dianne didn’t feel comfortable with that institution’s “cookie cutter” approach to investing.

Bob, a friend and fellow farmer, had been dealing with Keith for over 15 years. He told Bill & Dianne to talk to Keith before making any decisions. He said that the ValueTrend approach was conservative, and Keith wasn’t like ‘the slick guy in the shiny suit” that the bank had sent over.

Bill & Dianne took Bob’s advice and are happy they decided to go with ValueTrend. They receive a steady income from their portfolio, and rest comfortably knowing that their investments are in good hands.


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