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History lessons

History offers clues to suggest that the market could get ugly next year.

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More market musings

Today, we will look at the potential of the markets in the 1 month and 1 year horizons. Then we will examine the energy trade and copper.

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Advice for Advisors

I hope this essay was of interest to new Advisors interested in building their practice. Perhaps it will also help individual investors understand a bit more about the Investment business!

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Current trading strategy

I cannot tell you if we are in for a meaningful rally just yet – although some evidence suggests that we may have to wait a little more before such a rally happens

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The worst case scenario

Another long one folks, but worth reading. I’d like to thank Gabriella S, former chapter head of the Montreal CSTA…

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Why you need to think for yourself: yet another example

At my recent MoneyShow seminar on contrarian investing, I started the presentation off by asking the audience to put up…

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Canadian investors and the USD

Given that the CC$ needs a strong oil price, I’d think we need to see that happen before the loonie can offset any USD strength.

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Market musings

Regular readers know that my blog writing style is more narrative than many financial writers. Today, however, I am doing…

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Tesla: Buy or sell?

From a longer point of view, most of the good times for TSLA’s trend ended 2 years ago

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