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Are some MAG Seven cowboys falling off their horses?

With only 2 of the MAG-7 stocks looking truly magnificent, and the other 5 either neutral or weakening, this adds evidence to my hypothesis of a correction in the SPX & NAZ shortly.

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Smart money/ Dumb money divergence

I’m on BNN today at noon. In my opening market comments, I’ll likely bring up the fact that smart money…

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Tesla trade?

I’m on Bloomberg BNN MarketCall this coming Monday February 26th at noon. Its a call-in show, and I’m happy to…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

How to play a low breadth market breakout

This week should be telling. 

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Bits n’ bites

Here’s another one of my “bit n’ bites” blogs, where I draw interesting notes from the various research analysts and…

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Do poor earnings mean declining markets?

If earnings don’t follow through, and companies earn less than expected, stocks could be very vulnerable to a correction.

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Where will the markets go from here?

Probably not a bad thing to own the best Canadian index ETF’s at this time.

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Here we go again with one of my musings blogs. Various insights from differing sources. Enjoy! Don’t trust the media…

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A portfolio bomb shelter

I think it makes sense from both a technical perspective and an increasing potential for heightened war activities to leg in at least some of our capital into oil and gold.

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