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Canadian real estate & related securities may have more downside

Real estate influenced sectors in Canada are likely to underperform those in the USA

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Make sure the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train

We will remain in cash until my rules dictate a change. Opinions, whether bullish or bearish, are a dime a dozen.

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Money management seminar recording now available

Watch this video to catch the important lessons on creating a structured process in your portfolio.

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

Three Reminders

Reminder #1: BNN MarketCall this coming Monday Dec. 19th at 12:00 noon After almost 3 years –I’m back in the…

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A stopped clock is eventually right

At this moment – we’re still in a bear market. All three of my conditions must be met to prove otherwise.

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Gold & Silver

Precious metals are looking like they could be a decent area to have some exposure to, but beware that the producers are pretty violent in movements.

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The market is at a crucial point

Is the bear market over – or is there more pain to come?

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Special announcement: I’m back

Well, that was fast! Thanks to all of you who reacted so quickly to the BNN request I posted early…

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Food for thought

Financial assets may lose relative value relative to hard assets for many years

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