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TSX looks bullish in spite of itself

I believe that the TSX 300 has better upside than the US markets over the coming 1-2 years. This may…

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Gold oversold: Time to be bold, or should it be sold?

  The gold bullion chart (above) shows us a number of positive technical factors that might influence us to begin…

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Green energy stocks extremely overbought

I believe that the green energy sectors are moving into bubble territory. Hear me out on this: The Invesco Solar…

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Bear-o-meter signals

Below is a chart of the Bear-o-meter signals since 2019. Back in the earlier years readings were taken roughly quarterly….

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How to play the next sector rotation

This summer I was harping on – what was to me – an inevitable shift out of the “stay at…

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Ask me Anything: Answers Part 3

Its the home stretch, folks! This final installment from last weeks “Ask me” blog will answer questions on the buy/sell…

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Ask me Anything: Answers Part 2

The next batch of questions involve market prognostics and sector rotation/tax loss selling victims. I’ve tied them into one general…

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Ask me Anything: Answers Part 1

Whew! Well, thankyou to everyone who submitted a question on last week’s ‘Ask me” post. As always, its overwhelming, and…

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Ask me anything

Our most popular blog topic, “Ask me anything”, is back. This is your chance to ask me questions on the…

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