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Contrast & compare

Today is contrast n’ compare day!  We’ll contrast & compare Canadian. vs. US Treasury bond markets.  Then we’ll contrast &…

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Weekend reading

Another blog with insights from my regular readings. And, to start your weekend off with a smile, a few Canadian…

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AI market analysis for kicks n’ giggles

Ok, so perhaps we get a neartermed correction of some sort. Then what?

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available


Here we go again with one of my musings blogs. Various insights from differing sources. Enjoy! Don’t trust the media…

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A portfolio bomb shelter

I think it makes sense from both a technical perspective and an increasing potential for heightened war activities to leg in at least some of our capital into oil and gold.

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Risk-off is never good for markets

I have made a point in many blogs of suggesting we specifically stay away from technology and the “Magnificent Seven” AI stocks.

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Watching out for Klingons

There is merit in having at least some caution at this time.

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Neartermed overbought markets suggest pullback

Markets are looking a little stretched.

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How to take over the world. A Guide.

This is my annual full-length rant blog. Its off topic with political content. This blog is my opinion (right or…

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