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Opportunities in global markets, and more musings

New trading opportunities in global indices I recorded a video a couple of weeks ago on global country ETF’s that…

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Ask us anything: Deadline for questions Sunday Sept 24th

Today, you can ask ValueTrend to answer your questions on the markets!

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Another random musings blog today. BTW–coming soon, an Ask Us Anything blog. Don’t post questions yet. I will post a…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

Does this market make you dizzy?

The long-term buy and hold investor is becoming discouraged and leaving the market. You can see this through volume patterns,…

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Suckers rally

A week ago (last Friday June 1st), the S&P 500 suffered its worst one-day drop in more than 100 days. …

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Make it or break it

In my last blog on Friday May 25th, I noted that markets were oversold enough to justify the traditional seasonal…

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Quick rally, then volatility may return

Don Vialoux, creator of the popular technical analysis website recently quoted Brooke Thackray’s Investors Guide. “According to Thackray’s 2012…

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Using the VIX to hedge your risk

    I mentioned on a blog commentary a few weeks ago that if the VIX breaks 20, it will…

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Time to buy?

Is it time to buy into the market, now that we’ve had a correction?  I wouldn’t just yet if you…

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