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Risk is a 4-letter word.

You read in my most recent Bear-o-meter report that the score has moved from a 3 (weak-neutral) to 1 (higher…

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Larry McDonald interview is now live!

It’s here! I am proud to announce that my interview with Larry McDonald is now live on both this website,…

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Have NA markets entered a sideways period?

Lots of stuff to talk about today. Breadth sucks on the SPX You may recall my recent blog “This market…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

4 bullish International markets

MarketCall I was on BNN’s MarkerCall on Friday at 6pm, where I covered the charts presented today, as well as…

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Oil looks attractive

Seasonal patterns usually suggest a strong market from February until the spring for energy -particularly for oil. I’m of the…

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The really big picture

Doug Short, VP of Research for Advisor Perspectives ( posted an interesting chart recently that focused on the long-term trend…

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One to watch

If I had to choose a single pattern that represents some of the most accurate trading signals, it would probably…

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Dirty Harry & the markets

2012 was certainly a year of unknown political outcomes. Many events took place this year that just could not be…

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Tech Sector

For this week’s sector commentary, I will revisit two of my recently reviewed tech stocks, with some updates on where…

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