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Opportunities in global markets, and more musings

New trading opportunities in global indices I recorded a video a couple of weeks ago on global country ETF’s that…

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Ask us anything: Deadline for questions Sunday Sept 24th

Today, you can ask ValueTrend to answer your questions on the markets!

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Another random musings blog today. BTW–coming soon, an Ask Us Anything blog. Don’t post questions yet. I will post a…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

Do you feel lucky?

The Fed meeting on August 31, 2012 was much ado about nothing. The same message was relayed as at the…

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A good way to profit in the correction

So, here we have it. It does appear that the beginning of the stock market correction (that I began calling…

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7 early warning signs for the markets

The recent rally is looking very long in the tooth. Factors such as: Overbought momentum indicators (see RSI, Stochastics on…

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Get ready to sell

Through this blog, my BNN appearances, and my writings within the Investors Digest and Moneyletter publications, I strongly suggested 2…

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What the charts are telling us about the Canadian markets

My original teacher in Technical Analysis in the mid 1990’s was Ralph Acampora, a legend in this field. It was…

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Will the rally continue?

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you know that I advised in early July that markets may rally…

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