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Opportunities in global markets, and more musings

New trading opportunities in global indices I recorded a video a couple of weeks ago on global country ETF’s that…

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Ask us anything: Deadline for questions Sunday Sept 24th

Today, you can ask ValueTrend to answer your questions on the markets!

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Another random musings blog today. BTW–coming soon, an Ask Us Anything blog. Don’t post questions yet. I will post a…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

What’s next for the markets

Don Vialoux ( recently noted on his daily blog that we have entered the weakest period for markets from a…

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Playing the “risk on / risk off” trade

Without a doubt, the pattern for stock markets has, over the past 2 years, turned to a “risk on, risk…

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How much upside has Helicopter Ben given stock markets?

We now know that the Fed introduced a huge QE3 plan last Thursday. Rather than discuss the merits of doing…

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How to play the U.S. dollar

  The USD has been forming a large symmetrical triangle since 2005. I drew the trend lines on this chart…

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That’d be a breakout

The S&P broke the resistance point of just over 1420 last week. It’s looking like it passes my “3-day” rule…

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Materials & gold shine brightly

As mentioned in a prior post, I plan on writing 2 posts per week effective immediately. The first post of…

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