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Musings today:  Forward return potentials for the SPX based on normalized PE ratios, US stagflation and top performers in this…

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Win by not losing

Today, I thought I’d write a bit about risk control. I believe it is one of the better ways to…

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The king is dead. Long live the king.

Wow. When this market moves, it moves! It took 3 months for the SPX to lose 10%. Looks like it…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

Keep up the bad work

With one of the weaker stock markets in the world, one has to wonder what’s gone wrong with the TSX…

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smoke & mirrors

Today, I’ll address a couple of things such as the bond market, and some economic notes before we get into…

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Hold, or fold?

Here we go again. Don’t trust the media.   Crash! Run for your lives! Sell your stocks! Hide under a…

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Facts N’ Figures

Today, lets take a look at some statistics surrounding historic moves from high inflation to lower (not low) inflation and…

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What happens if it hits the fan?

You guys may recall my interview with market historian David Chapman. David Chapman interview: A lesson in history applied to…

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The wisdom collection

Over the past few years I have published some pretty interesting interviews with guests covering many different aspects of investing….

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