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History lessons

History offers clues to suggest that the market could get ugly next year.

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More market musings

Today, we will look at the potential of the markets in the 1 month and 1 year horizons. Then we will examine the energy trade and copper.

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Advice for Advisors

I hope this essay was of interest to new Advisors interested in building their practice. Perhaps it will also help individual investors understand a bit more about the Investment business!

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Does the market climb a “wall of worry”?

The theory that stocks “climb a wall of worry” sounds good, but practical observation suggests that the theory is largely…

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Sell in May…

  Seasonal patterns suggest to “sell in May, and go away”. This year, as always, I am selling a few…

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Volatility may be back

As a diversion from the investment publications, blogs, websites and books I devour regularly, I sometimes read a bit of…

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An interesting week

Last week, we saw quite a bit of choppiness largely due to worries over growth in China, along with some…

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Whazzup with gold?

I received an email from a reader asking me if I was buying gold yet, given my commentary a few weeks…

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Telecoms look attractive

  The Canadian telecom sector is trending up. Last year while the European crises raged on, telecom stocks barely flinched….

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