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When will the current rally fizzle out?

The current rally was of no surprise to those of us who follow momentum oscillators and sentiment work. Things were…

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The 3 step formula

The current US & Canadian governments are following a 3-step economic formula. We’re currently in step 2: Deny inflation. Say…

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My gut, and history, are telling me some things about this market

For years now, North American  economies have been mainly consumer driven.  That consumption has been fueled by money printing and…

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

Survival of the quickest

Markets react much quicker than they used to  I’ve come to three conclusions about current market patterns. First, the length…

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Is it too late to buy?

Is it too late to buy? As mentioned in recent posts, the market does look prime for a reasonable rally…

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So close you can smell it!

I hurried over to BNN last night to conduct a quick interview, after attending the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts…

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Sectors worth examining during an end-October pullback

  We are now entering the “seasonal buy period” for stock markets according to the work of Don Vialoux (…

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Please ignore the angry 800 lb. gorilla

        Normally, I tend to stick with the charts on this blogsite. I am often asked what…

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S&P 500 breaks 1120 – now what?

I’ve been suggesting that the markets were setting up for a potential winter rally by trading in a short-termed consolidation…

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