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A few observations

As an investor, you need to ignore those who would influence you, and follow your rules.

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Time to post your questions

This is your chance to ask questions on the subject of investing, sector outlook, risk management, portfolio management and of course… Technical Analysis.

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I have some questions I’d like to ask you, the good readership

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Keith's On Demand Technical Analysis course is now available

Is the SVB bank collapse the canary in the coalmine?

I doubt there is a series of bank failures.

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KISS the market

The easy days to invest are over, and the current environment is not one for beginners. 

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Canadian dollar outlook and why it should matter to you

When buying stocks in USD, we are subject to either positive or negative influences by CDN/USD movements.

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Bear-o-meter is bullish, with a caveat

Right now we see a weak signal on market trend – but a very positive risk/reward reading by our Bear-o-meter.

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BNN MarketCall video with keith

I was on BNN Bloomberg’s MarketCall yesterday. Lots of stocks covered from a  technical analysis view. Here is the video…

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Keith on Bloomberg BNN’s MarketCall show Monday

Keith on Bloomberg BNN Monday March 6th, 12:00 noon

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