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4 reasons for more chop on the markets!

Stock markets look like they may have a bit more room to correct before resuming the bullish trend. As a…

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Your input is appreciated

We are considering putting together a course (or a series of courses) to help you grow your wealth by incorporating technical analysis into your portfolio management. We want to know if a course like this would be valuable to you – and we want to understand what YOU would want to be included.

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Ask me Anything Answers Part 3- The Loch Ness monster pattern!

Big one today, folks…This is the final installment of the AMA questions asked by readers. Today, lets take a look…

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smart money dumb money

Final call for signed copies of Smart Money, Dumb Money

Next week I will be doing my final installment of the 3-part answers to the “Ask me Anything” (AMA) blog….

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Ask me anything answers: Part 2

Here we go with the second batch of “answers” to last week’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) blog. I’m combining a…

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Ask me anything answers: Part 1

As always, its great to see so many questions come through for these semi-regular “Ask me Anything” blogs. AMA for…

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Ask me anything!

Our most popular blog topic, “Ask me anything”, is back. This is your chance to ask me questions on the…

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Canadian banks are overbought

Many Canadian investors own bank stocks, or bank ETF’s. That’s because the sector presents a reasonably safe haven for dividend-seekers,…

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Bear-o-meter tipping between high risk and neutral

Every month, I record the reading of my “Bear-o-meter” risk/reward model for the US markets. This model attempts to compare…

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