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Sell the rip, buy the dip?

I hope you watched my Market Alert video from early last week. If you did, you were forewarned about the…

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Special update: Volatility alert

I recorded a video today covering an unusual development in the options markets. Conditions have arisen that may be signaling…

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Will the election affect the TSX?

Can an election affect stock market returns? I thought I would cover the outlook for the TSX today, given the…

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Bond investors beware!

As the seasonally favorable period comes to an end in bonds, bond investors should be aware of the technical profile…

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Bear-o-meter risk/reward reading for September

Before getting started- a reminder that the Ask us Anything webinar is this Friday Sept 10th at 10am. You can…

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Volatility will return

Today, I’d like to start off by directing you to a couple of video’s I recently posted covering some potential…

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A “perfect” exploration of personal bias

Recently I was invited by the CSTA to talk about contrarian investing- which of course is the subject surrounding my…

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Ask us anything Zoom webinar

On Friday September 10th, at 10:00 AM EST we are holding a Zoom Seminar which will feature a Question &…

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Keeping an eye on the loonie and crude oil

Its been a while since I’ve taken a technical look at the Canadian dollar. In order to evaluate the loonie,…

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