Bear-o-meter risk/reward reading for September

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The Bear-o-meter, for those unfamiliar, is a compilation of 11 indicators covering market breadth, trend, sentiment, seasonality and value. Some of these indicators, such as the Put/Call ratio and the VIX, are fairly quick-moving. I treat them as near termed factors. Some are more mid-termed view indicators. This can include the breadth-momentum studies like the % Stocks over the 50 day SMA, or the NYSE New high/Low indicator. Some are longer termed indicators like the 200 day SMA, or the A/D line. You can learn to construct the Bear-o-meter for yourself – its construction is outlined in my new book Smart Money, Dumb Money – click here for more info.

The challenge with combining 3 time frames is that you can get a neartermed signal -say an overbought sentiment reading like the Put/Call ratio, indicating its a risky environment. Simultaneously, you often get positive long termed signals, eg- a good trend as indicated by the 200 day SMA, and a positive Dow signal (industrials vs. transports). These short and long signals cancel each other out in my compilation. This, despite that the Put/Call signal may indeed be accurate in predicting a neartermed risky environment. But short termed signals like the Put/Call ratio or the VIX can be corrected in a matter of a few days or so. But the trend is your friend until it ends, as it goes. So, as a mid termed (1-6 months) trader – I’m more interested in the overall environment. I want the general picture to get an idea of where I should be positioning for the coming month or months. FYI- the typical environment for accurate signals seems to occur when the mid-termed indicators  combine with the short termed  – all of which are covered in my book – signals.

In the August reading of the Bear-o-meter, I noted that the reading was 4 out of 8. That’s about as “neutral” as it gets. Since then, the market has been business as usual. Right now, the Bear-o-meter has moved down one notch to 3. That’s still neutral, albeit “low-neutral”. So, being September, that might make sense. Also- volatility is very low right now. Typically that doesn’t last. Read my last blog for more on that. We are about 14% cash right now in the Equity Platform (conservative mandate) and about 7% in the Aggressive Platform.

The only change from the August reading was the Smart/Dumb reading from The chart moved to just below its “dumb money likes the market more than smart money likes it” level. Here is the chart:


September can be volatile. So its not a bad thing to hold a bit of cash. But the environment is not risky, per se’. We may get a bit of a correction. But we are likely staying within a bullish trend.

By the way – I just recorded a video on my outlook for oil. I was at the cottage when I did the video, and it was cold (less than 10 degrees Celsius). We don’t have central heating, so we had the wood stove going to heat the place. So, I did a fireside chat on oil. Is that ironic? Here’s the link.

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  • Hi Keith,
    I can’t make the webinar on Friday, so I thank you in advance for posting it next week! I’ll be sure to watch it.


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