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On Friday September 10th, at 10:00 AM EST we are holding a Zoom Seminar which will feature a Question & Answer period. Here’s your opportunity to have your questions answered about investing, risk management, portfolio management and of course… technical analysis.

I have a special treat for you in this seminar. Resident ValueTrend Fundamental Analyst Craig Aucoin will join me on Zoom to answer your questions when they concern fundamental valuation and outlook. 

The start of the seminar will feature a brief presentation on the market trends we anticipate in the coming months. From there, we will get right into answering your questions.

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We will send a newsletter out in the next week or two with a Zoom invitation to allow you to participate in the discussion. Our Zoom package allows up to 300 participants, but we cannot say how many people will want to join. We have 2500 non-Client subscribers, plus 200 Client subscribers who will get an invitation. So, if you want to participate, log into the meeting a bit early. First come, first serve. 

Due to a potentially high number of participants, we will not open the seminar to questions on a live basis. Those of you who have used Zoom know that 300 people asking questions at random intervals will result in bandwidth overload, amongst other frustrations. We may be able to address some questions in the chat box, but you are far better off to ask them in the comments space of this blog, below.

To submit your question for the seminar, you need to post it on the comment section of this blog –BELOW–by midnight Wednesday September 8th. 

For those who haven’t followed this blog for long – here are the ground rules:

  1. Investment questions should be of broad interest to many investors. They can involve broad-sector questions, questions about various international markets, or questions about individual commodities or bonds.
  2. Please don’t ask about individual stocks. The exception might be in massively followed stocks like the FAANG’s. Better to ask about stock sectors, world markets, asset classes, commodities, etc. For example: Cannabis, gold, European markets, the utilities sector, the tech sector, oil, transports, long bonds, etc. Ask about the Canadian banking sector rather than my opinion on Royal bank. Or you might just have questions on technical/fundamental analysis rules, or unique strategies like hedging or stop loss rules, etc.
  3. You can ask as simple a question as you wish. And don’t worry – there’s no such thing as a dumb question! But feel free to ask the hard stuff too! I’ll do my best to get as many questions covered as I can.
  4. If you don’t see your question answered at the seminar– check the comment section. I often get questions that have been covered in the past, and I will post a link to that reply rather than repeat myself.

In the news

I was recently interviewed in Wealth Professionals magazine regarding ValueTrend’s usage of quantitative analytics – such as those described in my new book Smart Money, Dumb Money. You can read the interview online here.



  • Assuming that western industrialized economies cannot completely switch from fossil fuels to green, and that developing economies are committed to fossil fuels to achieve what the west has in terms of standard of living and scientific development, do traditional energy investments have a bright future?

  • Hi Keith,
    Ask questions by what date?
    I’m sure that you didn’t mean January 27th! LOL

    • Thanks for noticing that Wendy–I fixed it. Wednesday Sept 8th will be the cutoff–as you see I copied some of the text from our last video webinar blog. Doh!

  • Is 200 SMA still the line for determining if to stay in a stock (persistent for at least 3 days)?

  • Hi Keith,

    A stock like Royal Bank(RY) has a large daily volume on its own plus it is part of an index $TSX and it held by various large ETFs like XDIV and ZEB.

    If you were wanting to purchase it, can you make that purchase based solely on RY’s technicals or do you have to consider the technicals of the index and large ETFs as well?

    If you have to consider the technicals of the index and large ETFs as well, what is the process?

    • In the same subject, how do you deal with differences in technical signals among correlated or similar ETF? For example, look at GLD-GDX-XGD. Sometimes you will see GDX breaking support for three days but XGD hasn’t yet and it is just close to support. If I hold XGD, do I sell because GDX broke it and it’s just a matter of time for XGD to follow? Or sometimes you’ll see the RSI being overbought and diverging in GDX-XGD but not GLD. Do you make a decision based on that if you hold GLD? Thanks.

  • For contrarian play – From a technical perspective- how do you know if you are bottoming and recovering VS a value trap making a head fake … possibly consider AEG as an example

  • Hi Keith,
    Which sectors perform best on a seasonal basis from now until the end of the year?
    Will you be investing in these areas?

  • Hi Richard,
    Do you have a view for the rest of the year for
    1 – Lithium/Battery Metal Stocks
    Follow up: Is there a proxy or an index or an TF for this subsector of mining stocks?
    2 – Uranium Stocks
    Follow up: Is there any seasonality to Uranium stocks?
    Thank you kindly,

    • fyi Ted,
      I found 2 etfs in this area @ :
      – FIN (Global X Lithium & Battery Tech)
      – BATT (Amplify Lithium & Battery Tech)

  • Can you show how to use charts to stop out of a position? Also review why not just use a mechanical stop.

    Many thanks

  • 2 possible questions :

    – Very much appreciate when you present (in your video updates & blog) sectors that are showing signs of interest, price targets, support levels, fundamental backdrop, etc… In that vein, do you have any suggestions & tips for those trying to screen for interesting sectors themselves? (note : this might be more of an idea for your future online course, if you prefer… I have others, so let me know 😉

    – Since you very recently presented video updates on two sectors of interest (oil & bitcoin), may I suggest two more that many wonder about heading into 2022 : gold & marijuana.

    Thanks again for continuing to provide useful info.


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