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  • Good Long term dividend equities that are off the well traveled.
    For those of us looking to live on our dividends in retirement what is your opinion long term on a financial fund as SBC (Class A shares) that holds the big 6 banks.
    Over the past 5 years their chart follows pretty well dead on with the ZEB benchmark you use.
    If it would continue to chart like the banks, would their very high dividend of 10 cents per share remain safe as the banks in general?
    Would this one be good for those of us who manage our monthly cash flow by managing our dividend portfolios. Looking for High dividend equities where we can manage our income in this way.
    To be used within a portfolio of 12 regular equities such as pipelines etc.
    Thank you

    • Hi Ron–I answered this question in my prior reply. As noted–the dividends are safe for now–but things can change. We own banks in our income platform and do not feel the dividends are in danger.

  • Is there a website where I can track how much money the Canadian government is printing/electronically creating on a regular basis over the past months and years? Thank you.

  • Hi Keith,

    What do you think about Canadian dollar value to USA Dollar. I think it will be around 0.70 USA.Appreciated your feedback. Regards.

  • My question is what are the best levels to implement stop loss–curret low-current opening,yesterday low,yesterdays ,closing,weekly low.weekly closing. I want to select the one that is hard to reach and keep my loss at minimum. I trade technical analysis. And what is best way to trade iof mkt goes against technical analysis’ levels-daily,weekly or current?

  • Re: Gaps: I recall you covering SPY gaps in one of your previous blogs. I noticed that there have been four gaps within the last five months, July 31, May 15, April 3 and March 23. It appears to be unusual in a short period of time.
    Do you think these gaps will be filled or part filled.
    If so, is it prudent to buy some SPY puts for a trade?

  • With the S&P 500 setting new all-time highs (intraday) this week are you ready to put your remaining cash into the market? Or still not convinced this rally is for real?

  • My question involves covered calls. I have sold many covered calls over the last several years. Most expire worthless. Are most of the buyers of calls( and puts) retail investors or does the option exchange get involved in providing a market for them? if so, since option buyers often lose, where do the funds for this market come from? are there enough funds from the option commissions to cover this need?

    Thanks for your continuing very helpful comments and occasional rants!!… John

  • I’ve got 2 questions.
    1. How much weight do you put on gap fills? In my limited chart watching I have noticed for instance that if a stock pops up and creates a gap it tends to get filled later at some point. It might take a couple years or a couple weeks. The inverse seems to be true for gap downs. This seems more of a technical approach of which I have limited knowledge.
    2. This one is on currency hedging. ETF’s often have cdn dollar hedge and non hedging. Do you think it wise to overweight the hedged etfs when the cdn dollar is low ie. In the 60s and then overweight the non hedged when the cdn dollar is high, say in the 90s? vs. USD.
    thanks for the free blog it is much appreciated.

  • Sir Keith,
    I’ve been watching Udemy & MasterClass videos about T.A… 2 questions for you :

    1- What do you know / think of the Heikin-Ashi chart method?
    2- How do you feel about Fibonacci? It mostly seems like mumbo-jumbo to me.

  • Hi, could you look into sports betting stocks? In the US states are opening up and betting is a big business, like draft kings and others, is this too high a risk or can we make some profit on this trend?

  • Is Gold a good hedge for the equity markets? The miners dipped in March along with the equity markets but have beat the equity markets in the last six months and one year periods.
    If the equity markets go down is there still room for bonds (TLT) to run?

  • I am a trend follower and i bought plug power and would like to know at what price it is a sell. Thank you

    • As noted in the writeup, I don’t plan on doing individual stock commentaries for any but a few very significantly followed stocks (eg FANGS) – if I do any.

  • Hi Keith, did you end up addiing to your xgd position?
    Buffett jusst got into the gold game. What do you make of that or what would suspect his reasons after not being a fan all this time?
    Chris in Jordan.


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