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Here we go again!

Once again, I’d like to open the floor to “Ask me anything” on the subject of investing, risk management, portfolio management and technical analysis. For those who haven’t followed this blog for long – here are the ground rules:

Investment questions should be of broad interest to many investors. They can involve broad-sector questions, questions about various international markets, or questions about individual commodities or bonds.

Please don’t ask about individual stocks that few readers will be interested in. The exception might be in massively followed stocks like the FAANG’s. Better to ask about stock sectors, world markets, asset classes, commodities, etc. For example: Cannabis, gold, European markets, banks, the tech sector, oil, transports, long bonds, etc. Or you might just have  questions on technical/fundamental analysis rules, or unique strategies like hedging or stop loss rules, etc.

You can ask as simple a question as you wish. And don’t worry – you won’t be charged for asking something dumb!

But feel free to ask the hard stuff too! I’ll do my best to get as many questions covered as I can.


I will post the answers next Tuesday September 22nd.


  • Hi Keith;

    Just wondering what your opinion is on using RENKO Charts for your T/A, and if you’ve ever used these as a Buy or Sell trigger?
    These of course remove the ‘time’ factor from the chart and only factor in ‘Price’.

  • would like your outlook on the following commodities please: gold, silver, coffee, and coal, and nat gas, crude oil

  • what is your general rule as to when you take profits/sell a position? Do take off half and let the rest ride or do you usually sell the full position? Sounds like you are more of an active trader than basic buy and hold.

    I heard an interesting comment that the best investors know not only when to buy, but most importantly when to sell.

    Also, do you believe it is reasonable to make a living swing trading while still holding a full time job, with swing trades based around taking profits when you reach certain level and then reallocating into another position. thanks.

  • Hi Keith,

    I hope you will consider answering this question even it is not your expertise. I have an account with an investor bank and I get the latest reports on all the companies I am researching, however going through the reports, the way they are written, take a lot of time and effort. I am interested mostly in the latest earnings with simple numbers like earnings/share and revenue per quarter and these reports don’t have these simple numbers black&white. I am reading the numbers on different websites, I don’t want to give specific examples, but for the same equity there might be 2 different sets of numbers, one website will state that the company beat the estimate, another the opposite. My question is: is there a reliable source where you can find the earnings of all companies and it is a free source? Thank you!

    I have a second question, regarding the exposure to the market per industry. I know the best is to diversify, but can you share an ideal portfolio in this crazy market with percentages per sector or industry? And related to this question. The US Market sectors at a glance are easily available at but not the Canadian sectors. Can I assume that a Canadian company, not listed on the US Market will fall under the US Sector and follow the same rules? If we take trucking, for example, is the trucking industry in Canada following the US index? Is there an index for Canadian trucking and similar for all industries? Thank you very much!

  • Keith: I have noticed many stocks that I watch have low over sold RSI s low over sold Stochastics and high over bot Macd s. Seems strange maybe a fast slow thing. Your thoughts please

  • Maybe you have answered, or referred to this before, but do you ever go to 100% cash/equivalents? Or close to it?
    Every big downturn in the market has been preceded by “irrational exuberance.” Is there any justification for the valuations of the S&P, DOW, Nasdaq? Are we in a bubble or not? Thank you.

  • Thanks noting Teck.b breakout, Any thoughts of Eldorado for a technical breakout or breakdown?

    • Bobby–this is an individual stock question, and I tend to shy away from doing these on this blog, lest I open up a new can of worms.

  • When there is divergence in weekly and daily chart,which char to follow when we know that first changes in daily charts would affect weekly in the long run. But our divergence interprets it like that weekly chart is strong so market is strong Meanwhile weakness has already set in in the daily chart that can either change the weekly chart in the same way or weekly chart can change the daily chart?

  • Could we have your general philosophy on systematic (opposed to short-term crash protection) portfolio hedging – specifically employing S&P 500 puts? ATM, percentage under the $$, duration?

    Just focusing on the equity portion of one’s portfolio, not hard assets, cash or bond proxies.

    No free lunch – what drag on annual return could one expect or reasonably target?

    Or a complete waste of long-term returns? Just ride the volatility as long as one doesn’t need to shortly draw on the funds?

    thanks in advance

  • Will you comment on base metals? Using the XBM chart I see a sideways range of $ 9.50 to $ 13.50 on a five year weekly chart. It is trading at the 200 day sma now. Would a break upwards indicate a target of 13.50 or the higher top in 2018 of $15.50

  • Friday, from what I can see on the stock charts I follow, Volume “Surged” for many stocks and the TSX index way above “normal (average) daily volume. Does this make Friday a significant technical day. If so, what is the message.

  • Is it not preferable to be fully invested most times?

    It’s impossible to find the top or bottom.

    And there’s the research noting that just being out of the market for a few of the indexes best days in a given period, can dramatically reduce returns.

  • Curious about delta hedging. Do you do it and do you think it is possible for retail investor to consistently make money using this strategy?

    • Peter–this is something I don’t do, so I wont be writing it up as an answer tomorrow–probably best to read up on the subject via an options strategy expert. I’m old school equities.

  • Good day can you write down what you look at on a chart ie. 50 day 200 day the rsi or the mac d which indicators seem to work best

    Also is there a paper trade app that you know of for beginners

    Look for and always enjoy reading your blog

    Thank you for all your information and insight. Hope to see you back on BNN

  • Hi Keith,

    Please comments on Canadian dollar to USA, How far will go down.

    Thank you.



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