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Wealth Professional Aug 2021 –Are you following the smart or dumb money on the stock market? | Wealth Professional

Globe and Mail May 11th 2021- ETF Strategies for Active Investors

Globe and Mail April 21, 2021 – Opportunities still exist

BNN- February 28th 2020- ‘You don’t want to panic’: What to do during a market storm When the market gets this bad, everyone says it’s a buying opportunity. But if you don’t have cash already, then what are you buying with? You need a trading program in place to take advantage of this, which is why buy-and-hold people suffer during these times.

Globe and Mail – January 16, 2019 – Winter isn’t a time for investors to hibernate. Experts pick their top ETFs to kick off 2020 – Canadian investors looking for hot ETFs shouldn’t be fooled by winter’s frosty temperatures. This season brings favourable sectoral trends and is also expected to offer some timely plays in regional ETFs

Globe and Mail – November 30, 2017- Year-end tax strategies can benefit ETF owners –  The end of the year is a natural time for investors to assess their portfolios. It’s also time to look for tax-loss-selling candidates.

Globe and Mail – October 4, 2017 How to Invest a Sudden Cash Windfall For a stable investment, yet one that has considerable contrarian potential, Keith Richards recommends Costco Wholesale Corp.

Barrie Examiner – October 31, 2016 Barrie-based business receives national award – ValueTrend Wealth Management is 1 of 19 private businesses across Canada to receive a 2017 Canadian Business Excellence Award – November 2, 2016Barrie Investment Advisor wins Canadian Business Excellence AwardValueTrend Wealth Management, Worldsource Securities Inc won the 2017 award by clearly demonstrating a strategic approach and marking results in satisfying customers, engaging employees, and being innovative.

CTV News – November 29, 2016Marijuana Market Concerns…spikes in trading volume

Globe and Mail – March 3, 2016Sector Rotation: An investment strategy for the financially fit – In a nutshell, sector rotation requires moving money from one industry to another in order to beat the market.

Globe and Mail – December 30, 2013How investors can play “broken” stocksLow valuations are not necessarily the reason to buy a fallen stock – you need a catalyst to move it forward.

Financial Post – December 12, 2012Rankings offer investors glimpse into CEO performanceBuying the stock of companies run by these winning CEOs, combined with proven metrics such as positive fundamental, and positive technical or seasonal profiles will increase your chances of picking an outperforming security.


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