Another way to play energy

I’ve noted recently that the outlook for oil is bullish, despite the potential for a neartermed overbought pullback. The chart below shows us that while momentum is a bit overbought, we might expect an eventual ride up into the $60  (2009 neckline and early 2015 resistance point) area as a target – perhaps into the fall when the second period of seasonal strength (July-October) comes around for energy (Source: Thackray’s Guide).

The traditional way to play oil is through an ETF that represents a direct commodity play, such as USO-US – which happens to be one of the most widely traded ETF’s in the world. You can also play the producers via your favorite oil stocks, or an ETF representing an index such as iShares XEG-T –which we at ValueTrend hold a position in.

Another indirect way to play the oil trade is via a Canadian orientated higher yield bond. The iShares Hybrid bond ETF XHB-T holds about a quarter of its portfolio in energy names – along with financial and real estate names which hold further exposure to the west coast. If you believe that the outlook will continue to improve for energy- this may be a more diversified way of trading that potential.


I’ve used a chart (above) from to illustrate this ETF. tends to morph the dividends of a higher yielding investment such as XHB back into the price—thus one cannot see the relative support/ resistance lines as accurately as I would like. The chart above shows us that there is some significant resistance ahead in the $21-21.50 range for XHB. This 5% gain potential may not appear to be huge upside, but combining that with the 4% yield on the ETF might make income orientated investors take a second look.



  • Hi Keith:
    There are many advantages to reading other’s opinions, one of them being reminded of other options/ideas. Thanks for reminding me of this one. It is on my watch list again.

  • Just read your book Smart Bounce, just a great read and so much information . I highly recommend anyone to read this highly informative book. Will you be bringing out a new book in the near future?

    • Thanks Neil
      I wrote a follow up book to SmartBounce called “Sideways” that focuses on Technical Analysis. It was designed to help retail investors understand the most important factors behind using technicals, and then gives a step-by-step approach that any small investor can use when making trading decsions.

      I have a new book in mind for the future, although I just don’t seem to have the time to write it. I plan to eventually write a book for aspiring money managers–that is, how to get into my business, how to structure the platform you will offer to clients, and how to stand out in the field. But–it is likely a year or two away before I can get down to the task of writing it.

  • You can view securities in Stockcharts without dividends morphed back in by entering an Underscore ( _ ) before the ticker symbol, such as _XHB.TO.

    But I’m sure you knew that.

    • Fred–I didn’t know that–thanks for that!! See–I write this blog for my learnign curve too!
      I contacted them about 5 years ago and they said they didn’t offer a straight price (no dividend incorporation) chart. Now I guess they do….hmmmm
      So-thanks very much!!!!


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