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A couple of announcements today:

Revised edition of Sideways finally released!

Sideways book cover

I’m happy to announce that my updated and revised version of my bestseller book, Sideways, is on the market! Revisions to the original book include an update on long termed market patterns, and revisions to the trading steps in the final chapters. Hey, the original book was published in 2011, so it needed a refresh! Here is the link on Amazon.

The book will be available for sale shortly.

Bloomberg BNN this Monday 12:00 noon

I’m on BNN/Bloomberg MarketCall  Monday December 18th at 12:00 noon. I’m happy to answer your questions on individual stocks, or technical analysis techniques on the show.

Note:  Calls are prioritized over emails, so best to go that route:

CALL TOLL-FREE 1-855-326-6266 during the show
Find us on Twitter:
Specify questions are for me…Email: [email protected]




  • Hi Keith,
    I have all you 3 books, and wondering if i should go for the updated copy. Will i learn something new? 😉

    Will you also have a pre release with sign book, like you did for you last one?

    Merry Christmas and keep you the good work in sharing your experience.


    • I wont do a pre release as I am not going to be around the office much in the next couple months to sign them.
      I think there’s enough new material, but it is probably 80% of the original content, so you could get away without the new copy. Totally your call. Mostly the sentiment stuff, plus the first couple chapters is updated

  • The show distinctly had a gold bug flavor to it, and bullish sentiment on specific companies and sectors. Viewers may consider placing half of their cash hoard now, as you suggest.

    But so much of the buying has been dumb money. Go fathom.

    Enjoy the trip down South.


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