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October 13, 20234 Comments

I just published a very important video covering a macro market and economic outlook. This is one of those “you need to hear this message” reports. Sometimes, I come up with a piece that I feel you guys really need to understand. This is one of them!

The video covers some sharp evidence for a coming recession, all within a higher than normal inflationary environment. It discusses WHY you need to invest differently than in the past. I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so I edited much from the research I’ve done on the subject- but the charts and sources I did present on the video will be eye-opening. You need to see this video!

Investing in Stagflation – ValueTrend


Near termed rally next week?

Just thought I’d pass this tidbit along: BearTraps notes in a research report that there are an expected $38b S&P shorts to cover over the next week by large institutions. This could cause a squeeze (upward pressure) and rally on the stock market. Be wary of such a move if it happens. They often don’t last long.



  • Hello Keith,
    Your market insight is so much appreciated.
    I started investing 25 years ago, and now realize how different the landscape is compared to ‘way back when’. With ultra low interest rates, the market had an incredible bull run for roughly 11 years. I think, the good old days, of artificially ultra-low interest rates are gone for good. I also believe we are going through a global political shift in the world, not seen since WW2. “Me thinks’ investing going forward will be way more difficult for the average retail investor, as volatility, high interest rates that will stay high for longer than anyone wishes to believe, much higher oil prices, that will not subside, and wars that will last decades.
    Your blog and services is what will help us retail investors guide us through this long lasting turmoil

  • I am a Bay Street veteran and appreciate your input. My problem is and I understand quite a bit on technical analysis. The problem is I never buy enough when I see or feel a breakout.

    • You might want to take my trading course – it covers some psychology of which you speak, and how to leg in properly. I never jump into a breakout. I have a 3-bar wait rule, then a 3-leg average-in rule. Both allow us to get in without getting spanked if it goes sour. Take the course–worth it for you, I promise!


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