Alternative investment strategies for the current market environment

Another must-see video interview, folks. I was very fortunate to score an incredibly informative interview with Executive VP of Horizons ETF’s, Jaime Purvis. JaIme is an expert on alternative investment solutions, having been a key driver in the growth of Horizon’s ETF’s unique investment tools. Today’s video covers ideas on where the next investment opportunities are arising. The market is not the easy buy/hold game it used to be. You really need to see this video to complete your investment toolkit, and not get left behind in this new environment!

Here are some of the tools and trends that Jaime and I discussed:

  • Currencies
  • Opportunities in volatility
  • Leveraged ETF’s – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Hedging properly with inverse ETF’s.
  • Alternative energy
  • Rare earth and green tech
  • Adaptive Artificial intelligence & Chat GPI
  • Emerging technology – semi conductors, the metaverse, robotics, and big data



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  • Thanks to you and Jaime Purvis for doing this video….twice. I found it very interesting to hear from the ETF provider to add some colour to some of what they have available. I have used DLR a couple times this year to play the USD strength, and CASH for parking monies at attractive interest rates.


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