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March 5, 20122 Comments

Keith speaking at the Vancouver MoneyShow

I’ll be speaking in Vancouver at the World MoneyShow on Tuesday March 24, 2012 at 1:30pm. I’ll be presenting my current views on the market and offering portfolio trading ideas.


Apple (AAPL) recently hit the half – trillion dollar market capitalization level. An interesting study by www.sentimentrader.com presents the coinciding broader market movements after history’s other $500BB superstar stocks hit this market cap. As you will note, when a company joins this very exclusive club, it often signals an eventual correction for the broader markets.

Budding technical analyst Gogi Grewal notes a longer termed trend for AAPL stock. Normally we should draw an up sloping trendline tracing successive troughs. But we’ve drawn our trendline by connecting the peaks in this example. We can see on the chart below that there has been a predictable upper trendline where AAPL has formed prior peaks. Perhaps, given AAPL’s runaway performance and overbought momentum, it may be time for the worlds most admired technology company to take a breather.



CFA wanted

ValueTrend is looking for an Associate Portfolio Manager apprentice. We’ve been interviewing candidates who have have achieved their level 2 CFA or higher with intentions to complete the designation requirements within the next 12 months. The successful candidate will have a very strong sales background, be comfortable with public speaking and will be open to mentorship under myself. They will contribute to ValueTrends successful equity analysis by adding to the fundamental analysis process. This position may lead to an eventual partnership opportunity within the company if the candidate meets specific objectives.


  • Also apple had a large gap up of 26 dollars on jan 23 2012, it’s a matter of when not if this gap will be filled.

    • Good observation Dave. While gaps are not always filled, they often are. Certainly something to keep in mind.


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