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Every month I publish my Bear-o-meter risk/reward compilation reading. This is a quantitative points-based measurement of key factors for value, […]

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Bear-o-meter suggests high risk market – with a neartermed bounce

Each month I publish the reading of my Bear-o-meter risk/reward indicator. The Bear-o-meter is a compilation of various indicators covering […]

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Bear-o-meter tipping between high risk and neutral

Every month, I record the reading of my “Bear-o-meter” risk/reward model for the US markets. This model attempts to compare […]

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This rally has some caveats

I can appreciate the confusion one might have over the mixture of bullish and bearish factors out there.

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Bear-o-meter pulls a “180”

For the first time since April 7th of 2022 – the ValueTrend Bear-o-meter has moved firmly into the “bullish” zone.

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Right on schedule

A MASSIVE opportunity to deploy your cash back into the market is coming

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Play the bump, then make the dump

The future ain’t what it used to be

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Bear-o-meter remains cautious

The current market environment is one to tread cautiously in, but not to be running away from at this stage.

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Bear-o-meter continues to suggest the bear market ain’t over

The ValueTrend Bear-o-meter is a compilation of 11 factors broadly looking at the relative risk vs. reward tradeoff for the […]

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A bit of fundamental data, and this month’s Bear-o-meter reading

Today, as it is the beginning of a new month, I will once again take a reading of the Bear-o-meter compilation. […]

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