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The Unpopular Commodity, Coal

Hello there and Welcome to the Smart Money – Dumb Money show. And I am your host and Chief Portfolio […]

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Oil, Coal and the Bear-o-Meter

Oil, Coal and Bear-o-meters, Oh my! This video is a recap of a couple of blogs that I write every […]

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Market musings

Despite the recent rally, we are witnessing a few concerning developments, such as a continuation of the high-risk warnings from […]

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Outlook for Commodities

Hello, and welcome once again to the Smart Money, Dumb Money Show. And I am your host, Keith Richards. I’m […]

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Boiling frogs

It has been said that a fool and his/her money are soon parted. Perhaps, a better twist on that saying […]

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Chart Patterns Suggest Opportunity in Chinese Stocks

Hello again, and my name is Keith Richards, and this is the Smart Money Dumb Money show. And today we […]

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The case for Canada

To start this blog, I’d like to quote Jeff Currie of Goldman Sachs. If you don’t know who he is, […]

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Commodities – Movers and Shakers

 Let’s talk about commodities The reason I would like to talk about commodities is because they had been on […]

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Stocks I love to hate.

The majority of my blog posts in the past year have focused on what sectors and stocks to consider for […]

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Do you follow a Rotational Strategy?

  Welcome to the show today. We’re going to talk about a couple of things. Probably on everybody’s lips is […]

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