6 international ETF’s

Sorry for the delay. Last week I promised my 6-country ETF video review would be published by Friday, but we missed that deadline. The good news is that this one was worth waiting for. In a frustrating sideways North American market, you need to find alternatives. All six of the countries discussed in this video are worthy of your consideration.

In fact, Craig and I bought 3 of them last week! Take a look at the video – here, and let me know your thoughts, below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the video’s to get alternative ideas like this that I don’t cover on the blog.  Click here to subscribe to the Smart Money, Dumb Money Show.

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  • I just noticed that Stockcharts adjusts historial data by stocks splits but also by dividends and distribution. This adjusted historical price data cannot be used to determine the actual buy or sell price for a stock, also Our adjusted historical price data may not match up with unadjusted data.

    Do you think this is a good idea?

    • You can put an underscore before the ticker to get pure price action


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