4 International markets worth looking at

This may be my only blog this week, as I am having a “kinda sorta like” vacation. I actually rarely take a day off. Money never sleeps, you know. But my ability to do the peripheral work of blogs and whatnot will take a back seat to some family time. So, bear with me.

Today I am going to look at 4 international index charts (via ETF’s) that I found interesting after cyphering through the major world indices on the weekend . We don’t hold any of them…yet. But we are interested in all of them. No assurances as to whether we buy any or not in the ValueTrend models. But, I thought you might find it interesting for your own perusal. No recommendations here, just food for thought.


Chile is an emerging market with some emphasis in commodity production. The chart suggests a small H&S breakout with a neckline test near $28 of late. If it holds, an initial target of mid-$30’s followed by significantly higher future potential is suggested. Key words here: If it holds!



A wall of resistance can be seen in the slightly sloping neckline I’ve drawn. You’ve got to imagine that a break of that line–preferably a good, solid one- say $27 or higher- might suggest significant upside. Remember, the longer the base, the greater the case!


G’day, mate! This index definitively broke out recently. No wonder, give the countries similar commodity weightings as Canadas. So fire up the barby, and grab a beer to celebrate that breakout!


¡Ay, caramba! The Mexican index ETF ETF has broken out of a long lid. Its backing up to test the breakout point. If it holds…lots of potential here!



Perhaps, given the rather dangerous looking Bear-o-meter reading I took earlier this month, and the potential for a breakdown in the major markets (not confirmed, so do not read into this statement that I am calling a top!) – we need to be reviewing markets outside of the standard go-to’s. These are 4 ideas to look at. Have at it!

I’ll have limited access to my emails etc this week, but if you post a comment I’ll eventually get around to reading it. Thanks for your patience.


  • muy caliente! Money may not sleep but life does. Enjoy your time with your family.

    • Thanks Larry–managing to get an hour online in the morning before people are awake – so I can go through comments and emails. BTW–Looked up muy caliente – translation (says Google) “very hot”. Well, the market is not so hot of late!

  • Malesia?? Is that somewhere in the Balkans or by chance do you mean Malaysia?

    • Fred–awesome! this is what happens when I am in a hurry! Fixed!

    • Kyle–I can’t say–and not suggesting it will reverse yet. But one factor may be that the news of rising rates and inflation are priced in….


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