2 sectors that may do well

September 26, 20122 Comments

Gold miners and the materials sectors are exhibiting interesting looking charts. Below is a chart of the iShares global gold equities ETF. The recent breakout through the base neckline at around $21, followed by the  pullback to the neckline is something to take note of. Stocks that break out often “test” their neckline breakout point- so I view this pullback as healthy so far. I would also be ok with a very temporary pullback to the 200 day MA which sits around $20.50 right now–the neckline noted on the chart was broken today. If it can hold at or above that 200 day MA  level, the gold miners look like a place to be.

The materials sector, illustrated by the iShares materials ETF chart below, looks similar to the gold miners chart. Thats because there are some gold miners within this sector  – currently near 40% of the mix. A similar neckline breakout and pullback appear to be in play here. The materials sector will have stronger support at its neckline at almost exactly $18 due to the 200 day MA support at almost exactly the same $18 price level.

Watch these sectors for support at the levels noted, and if they hold, consider a sector play or buying an individual stock within them. Please note that a breakdown below the noted support levels (breakout points and / or 200 day MA’s) would suggest a “failure” of the stock to hold its breakout, and signal a potential bearish movement to come. Being sensitive to broad market movements (i.e. they are higher beta, “risk-on” types of securities as discussed last week: here) these two sectors should be traded within a broad market uptrend. If the broader market trend weakens, avoid these sectors.

Disclosure: I do not hold positions in these ETF’s, but may initiate a position in the near future in one or both securities.


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