Two important announcements today. First, I am excited to extend an invitation for you to view a new video.  I know you are going to get a lot of insights from this interview with Brooke Thackray.  I also have some news about an important change for the Online Technical Analysis Course. Details below:


You don’t want to miss this video!

Last week I recorded a video interview with Seasonal Investing expert and Technical Analyst Brooke Thackray. Brooke is a Research Analyst for Horizons ETF’s, specifically for the Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF. We covered lots of things, including a broader market outlook, bonds, sectors to look at now, and some neartermed seasonal patterns that might help us all take advantage of the current volatility.

Here is the link to the interview:

Interview with Brooke Thackray – ValueTrend

Last call for my introductory pricing on the Technical Analysis Course

As a thankyou to my loyal blog readers, I have been offering a special discount on the Online Technical Analysis Course for the past six months. Recently, I advised you that the price would be going up as I contracted a new marketing service to better draw awareness to ValueTrend. The first thing the firm told me was that I have been charging WAY too little for the course. I knew that from the start, but like I said, the idea was to thank my regular readers for their ongoing support of the blogs, and to encourage participation by my readers in the course.

The course enrollment has vastly exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled that so many of you took advantage of the special pricing. You still have time to get the course at the discounted price of $100. Click here to learn more about the course and to enroll.

Effective July 1, 2022, the course price is being raised to $397.

To make it clear, even the new price is below what the marketing firm feels it should be selling for. They anticipate raising the price closer to $600 over the coming year. So – take advantage of the $100 price now, or you will be paying more in the future. This was always meant to be an introductory offering price, and I thankyou for your early support. For those who have posted comments on the blog regarding the course, I appreciate the encouraging input received by participants. Feel free to post your feedback on the course and on any of my topics to help others become better Technical Analysists!



  • If you want to see a scary chart look at the s&p monthly chart. Look how far we are currently above the 200 month moving average. Long way to come down yet maybe as far as 2500.

    And with Joe Biden in charge 2500 on the S&p is a real possibility

  • Even that 3500 support is looking a bit weak. Could we be heading all the way back to the start of the covid rally at 2250? The rally was all based on massive money printing any way so why not? The fed really screwed this up big time.

    • Yes, they are closing the barn door now that the horse has already gotten out. Monetary tightening should have started in early 2021.
      Add there’s the printing money to appease Forgetful Joe & Tru-duh’s spend, spend, spend on non-GDP accretive projects.
      And then then there’s the almost indescribably stupid decision by Dumb & Dumber to appease their teeny-bopper uninformed green voters – capping new oil exploration / development spending –not to mention the cancelling of pipelines- right at the EXACT moment of the start of the energy supply problems! Oil is the biggest influence on inflation there is.
      So you might say, the horse didn’t escape the barn. The door was opened by a couple of imbeciles.

    • Muntazir–I will cover that when the market moves into a base–right now, most stocks are decidedly downtrading – very few sideways range bound. Not to say there aren’t any, but its like finding a needle in a haystack


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