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UK & Canada: the next value plays?

After years of fiscal and social lunacy, the UK just elected a new common sense “conservative” government.* Keir’s government understands […]

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Value plays

“We are seeing March 2000-like readings. They are all screaming get “long global value equities relative to the S&P 500.” […]

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Ask us anything

Before getting the “Ask me” section, I thought you’d like to know my interview with Dwight Galusha of Set Your […]

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Keith Richards | Smart Money, Dumb Money
Smart Money Dumb Money

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The only way to keep your money is to limit your risk

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Welcome to ValueTrend Wealth Management Inc..  We are an independent full-service Canadian wealth management firm.   We serve clients from across the country.

ValueTrend was founded in 2008 by Portfolio Manager Keith Richards, one of Canada's first accredited technical analysts.  Keith brings over 30 years of investment experience to the table, and has built the business on a solid foundation of fierce independence and putting the needs of clients first.

Unlike other independent and big-bank firms,

We don’t offer excuses when you ask important questions

We don’t ask you to ‘buy-and-hold’ when that doesn’t work

In other words, we're different because with your percentage-based flat fee, we only succeed when you do.  There are no hidden costs.  If we want to increase our revenue, we have to increase the value of your portfolio.  It's as simple as that.

ValueTrend is a wealth management firm that is different by design.  We have carefully developed a sustainable and reliable system for successful investment management - and have a track-record to prove it.  It is not hocus-pocus.  It has been developed through exhaustive research and analysis over the course of almost 30 years covering a wide range of market conditions.  The ValueTrend approach to portfolio management and investment analysis has withstood the test of time.  This is what makes us one of the leading wealth management firms in Canada.

That is why we say - "Limit Your Risk - Keep Your Money".

The only way to keep your money is to limit your risk

Have a look around, learn about our investment approach, read Keith’s articles, and take a look at our investment case studies.  Be sure to check out our bi-weekly “SmartBounce” blog on the technical analysis of stock trends.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a no-obligation meeting to discuss how the ValueTrend approach can support your investment goals and objectives, please contact us.


Limit Your Risk, Keep Your Money

Watch this video to learn how ValueTrend limits your risk and helps you keep your money growing.

Our Team

Recipient of the 2017 and 2019 Canadian Business Excellence Award

ValueTrend has cemented its role as one of the leading wealth management firms in Canada as a proud recipient of the 2017 Canadian Business Excellence Award and we are pleased to announce we have also won the 2019 Canadian Business Excellence Award.

VaueTrend receives the 2017 Canadian Small Business Excellence Award in Toronto, Ontario
VaueTrend receives the 2019 Canadian Small Business Excellence Award in Toronto, Ontario
Portfolio Management Association of Canada

ValueTrend Wealth Management is a proud member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada. We believe that with the knowledge and information gained through membership, we are better stewards of managing wealth.


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